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United States Old Maps


A collection of old and historical maps of the United States.

New Netherland, by Nicolaas Visscher II, ~1684.

United States, 1684

Recens edita totius Novi Belgii in America Septentrionali siti, 1730

United States, 1730

British and French dominions in North America, John Mitchell, 1755 and 1761.

United States, 18th century


A new and correct map of the United States of North America is the first map of the United States drawn and printed in the US by an American; it was printed in Connecticut by Abel Buell in March 1784, six months after the Treaty of Paris.

United States, 1784


Ottoman map of the US from the Cedid Atlas, 1803.

United States, 1803

Map of the United States of America: with the contiguous British and Spanish possessions, 1816.

United States, 1816

Political map of the United States, 1850.

United States, 1850

Ranney's new map of the United States, 1854.

United States, 1854

Popular vote at the 1880 US elections.

United States election, 1880

Map of the United States showing Routes of Principal Explorers from 1501 to 1844. Engraved and printed by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1907.

United States Explorers, 1907

The Awakening, an illustration from 1915 in support of the women's suffrage movement, which quickly expanded from the newer Western states towards the east.

Women Suffrage, 1915

Relative sizes of the United States and the European powers, 1920.

United States size comparison, 1920

If We Enter a World War -- and LOSE, Los Angeles Examiner, November 14 1937.

The United States, with the greatest resources on earth, would suffer the fate of Poland, Austria and Germany - our prized lands would be divided among conquerors.

United States, 1937 (Source)

War Sentiment by States from a Gallup poll in 1941.

United States size comparison, 1941

(Source: St. Petersburg Times, May 16, 1941)

US centered world map, National Atlas, 1970.

US world map