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Space Launch Capabilities


Space launch capability is referring to the infrastructure and technological background to place spacecrafts into Earth orbit. It can be viewed as an indicator of the country's scientific and technological advancement.

As of August 2014, 9 countries and an intergovernmental organization is capable of launching satellites independently:

Space launch capabilities

Rockets and launches shown on the map:

Country Rocket Launch date Source
United States Atlas 5 Feb 24, 2012 x
Japan H-IIB Jan 22, 2011 x
China Long March 2F Jun 16, 2012 x
European Space Agency Ariane 5 Sept 28, 2012 x
India PSLV Oct 22, 2008 x
Israel Shavit Jun 22, 2010 x
Ukraine Zenit 3SL Oct 30, 2006 x
Russia Soyuz Nov 7, 2013 x
Iran Safir Jun 16, 2011 x
North Korea Unha 3 Dec 13, 2012 x

Countries which have lost their former independent access to space*:

Country Rocket First launch
France Diamant A Nov 26, 1965 Video
United Kingdom Black Arrow Oct 28, 1971 Video

* Countries integrated in the European Space Agency