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Old World Maps


A collection of old and historical maps of the World.

The World according to Eratosthenes, 220 B.C.

World Map, 220 BC

World map of Pomponius Mela reproduced by K. Miller (1898), 43 A.D.

World Map, 1544

Typus Universalis, 1542

World Map, 1542


Magellan's Circumnavigation of the Earth, from the Portolan Atlas by Battista Agnese, c. 1544.

World Map, 1544

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1570

World Map, 1570

A Map of the Myriad Countries of the World, China, 1602 (Japanese copy, 1604)

World Map, 1602

Map of the heavens and the earth, 1699

World Map, 1699

Old World Map of Captain Cook Discoveries, 1799

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World Map, 1799

World map, Prague, 1807

World Map, 1807

Moral and Political Chart of the Civilized World; Exhibiting the Prevailing Religion, Form of Government, Degree of Civilization, and Population of each Country, 1821

World Map, 1821

Map of the square and stationary Earth - Flat Earth map by Orlando Ferguson, 1893

Flat Earth Map, 1893 (Source)

World Postal and Currency Map, from J.G. Bartholomew's Atlas of the World's Commerce, 1907

World Map, 1907

Exploration and Mapping of the World, ~1910.

World Map, 1910

The World: Colonial Possessions and Commercial Highways, Cambridge Modern History Atlas, 1912

World Map, 1912

Where gold was produced and stored in the world, 1936

Gold production, 1936

World Powers, 1957.

Edited by John Bartholomew, M.C., LL.D. The Geographical Institute Edinburgh.

World Map, 1957


It's an Interesting World in an Interesting Time, 1959.

World Map, 1959


The New Portrait of our Planet. LIFE made up these unique maps which reveal for the first time how the ocean floors would look if the water and ice were suddenly removed.

Published by LIFE magazine in 1960.

Ocean floor, 1960

U.S. Air Force map of the world, 1961

USAF world map, 1961