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Europe Old Maps


A collection of old and historical maps of Europe.

Carta Marina, the earliest map of Scandinavia, 1539. Prints on Amazon.

Scandinavia old map, 1539

Europa recens Descripta, Willem Blaeu, 1640

Europe, 1803

Europe, Cedid Atlas, 1803

Europe, 1803

Europe, 1810

Europe, 1810

Russian propaganda map showing post-World War 1 borders after the Entente win, 1914.

Europe, 1914

First World War map from the Daily Mail, 1914.

Europe, 1914

Races of Europe in the Ice Age, 1916

From Ancient times, a history of the early world, by James Henry Breasted.

Europe races in the Ice Age

Hunger Map of Europe, 1918

From Six Thousand Years of Bread by H.E. Jacob

Europe, 1918

Europe, 1936

Europe, 1936

Dated events, World War map, by Stanley Turner, 1942

Europe, 1942

German map of Europe showing territories lost by Germany after World War 2, 1969.

Europe, 1969